Welcome To Darklands

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Welcome To Darklands

Post by scottyb » Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:04 am

Over the last few months I have been plodding away recreating Darklands from 15 years ago. Much time had past and all of the files were lost to time. In saying that there was snippets all around the place of what we had (all those player commands drinlpot etc aswell as a lot of others that are employed by most sphereshards today came from the original Darklands.

A lot of people have put an extrodinary amount of work into scripts like Mordaunt and Amon who shard there work and what will make Darklands a great and very advanced shard. Thx also to Matex from sphereserver who made our custom linux executable aswell as Drkkkk who helped me with a few of the custom scripts like peacemaking and poisoning

Still a bit to do we are heading into the final phase of bugtesting and tweaking to get things running right and how they were (fast paced PVP only sphere ofters) I really hope to have have everything done by Easter or sooner. Its taken a lot of effort to get it this far inbetween other commitments.

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